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Ten-Minute Play Submissions

Please follow these rules:

Theme: Wedding Reception.

The play should have some reference,       obvious or subtle, to the theme.


The image on the right is the floor plan for the winning set design

Further guidance below

See full Set Design explanation pdf.

floor plan-01-01-01.png

To be eligible, the play:

1) Must be set at a wedding reception. See full Set Design pdf. The action of the play must be doable on this set design, with only minimal changes (move a table or two and the surrounding chairs, any reasonable set dressing). The playwright need not make references to the set design in the script (as long as it can be accomplished on the set), and can rely on the director to take care of such details.

2) Must have been written by a playwright who has resided in Louisiana (not merely visited).

3) Must be unpublished and unproduced. It is fine if the play has had a reading. In fact, we urge you to do a reading so you can hear the play out loud. We will have two readings early in 2023.

4) Must run approximately ten minutes. Figure on approximately 1,800 words. We will disqualify any play that is longer than 2400 words. We will read every play between 1,800 and 2,400 words out loud, and will disqualify any play running more than 12.5 minutes. Minimum running time should be six minutes.

5) Must not have any technical requirements that would be expensive or extremely difficult to procure and produce. “Special” lighting and sound effects are well within our ability. Costuming must not be too demanding; for example, we probably can’t provide costumes for a wedding set in 1700.

6) Must have no more than five (5) and at least two (2) characters. Characters must be playable by adults. Try to avoid characters who have fewer than ten lines, such as a waiter, unless they are absolutely required to tell your story. Consider casting, as it must come from the Central Louisiana community, but we love diversity!

7) Cannot be a musical (though a character could sing an original song a cappella).

8) Cannot require full nudity.


Further Guidance: The play can be a drama or comedy (we love comedies!) but should not be a skit. We love work that is socially relevant.

What to Submit

When submitting, you should provide two files: 1) the title page, and 2) the rest of the play. 

On the title page of your script, include a “logline” that describes your play in a sentence or two. It should be located approximately mid-way between the “by line” and the contact information. See sample of Title Page Here.


The first page of “the rest of the play” should start with a centered title, followed by a list of characters with brief descriptions. The playwright’s name must not appear anywhere in the body of the play, including the header or footer. A brief description of any minor modifications of the set or any required set dressing should precede the first lines of dialogue, which should start on the same page, after a blank line. See sample here.


Please submit plays in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).


 FINAL SUBMISSIONS must be made no later than MARCH 15, 2023.


There is a $20 submission fee for each entry.


All playwrights with a selected play must agree and sign our guidelines for production.


Only one entry will be accepted from each playwright.

The plays which win will be staged (if possible) and will be recorded.


We are awarding prizes for our top-three scoring plays. First place will receive $100, second will receive $75, and our third place prize will be awarded $50. The plays will be judged blindly, to ensure fairness.


Any play submitted by February 15 may receive a critique by March 1. The playwright may submit a revised play by March 15, or stick with the original. Getting a critique is an option, and is not required. It is highly suggested for any playwright who has not had multiple plays produced before. If you’re submitting by February 15, and you don’t want a critique, please indicate in your email to us.


Thank You for your interest in submitting a 10 Minute Play FestiThank You for your interest in submitting to our 10 Minute Play Festival.  Submissions can be emailed to To pay the $20 fee use the link below.


2023 Guidelines and Important Dates
Ge your play pubished.
Acting in an SSP 10 minute play

Thank You for your interest in submitting a 10 Minute Play Festival.  Submissions can be emailed to To pay the $20 fee use the link below.

Please Enter the Title of the Play

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