Ten-Minute Play Submissions

2020 Guidelines and Important Dates

Please follow these rules:

Theme: By the Letter. 

The play should have some reference, obvious or subtle, to the theme.


Restrictions: The only set pieces will be up to 5 cubes (18.75" on a side) which are painted like a child's alphabet blocks.  3 of them can represent a couch, two a love seat or coffee table, etc. One makes a fine chair. They can be stacked up to two high (making a somewhat low lectern or a column to set flowers or a bust on, etc.).  If stacked, they might not be stable enough for a character to stand upon. If unstacked, they are very stable and can be jumped upon or off. The director will compose the blocks into an appropriate setting if the playwright doesn’t include details.


Props should also be limited, though a few essential items are fine. 


If the playwright needs one of the blocks to have a specific letter, or easily-painted silhouette of an object, on one of a cube’s faces, they can request it.  On the other hand, the playwright need not mention anything about the acting cubes.


Our usual restrictions also apply: must run within ten minutes (1800 words is a good estimate, unless your play has significant pauses or action between dialogue), have no more than five characters (which will be played by adults), and be previously unperformed. No musicals. No full nudity. Consider casting, which must come from our community. The script should be a play, not a skit. It can be serious or humorous (we seldom get enough good humorous plays). 


On the title page of your script, include a “logline” that describes your play in a sentence or two. It should be located approximately mid-way between the “by line” and the contact information. An example is provided below. The playwright’s name should NOT appear anywhere in the body of the play. When submitting, you should provide two files: 1) the cover page, and 2) the rest of the play.  The first page of “the rest of the play” should start with a centered title, be followed by a list of characters with brief descriptions. A brief description of the setting (can be as brief as: A living room) should precede the first lines of dialogue, which should start on the same page. See sample here.

 FINAL SUBMISSIONS must be made no later than MARCH 15, 2022.


There is a $20 submission fee for each entry.


All playwrights with a selected play must agree and sign our guidelines for production.

Only one entry will be accepted from each playwright. 

The plays which win are staged and will be recorded.

We are awarding prizes for our top-three scoring plays. First place will receive $100, second will receive $75, and our third place prize will be awarded $50. Again, all of these plays will be judged blindly, to ensure fairness.

Ge your play pubished.
Acting in an SSP 10 minute play

Thank You for your interest in submitting a 10 Minute Play Festival.  Submissions can be emailed to admin@spectralsisters.com. To pay the $20 fee use the link below.

Please Enter the Title of the Play