Founded in 2003, Spectral Sisters Productions (SSP) is a unique organization in Alexandria, La.  A 501(C)3 non-profit organization, SSP cultivates theater left untouched by educational or typical community theater groups, focusing on original plays written by local writers or provocative, cutting edge productions.  These productions include the annual Ten Minute Play Festival, held in June each year, the original one act play festival held in the fall, and a play writing workshop presented each year that is free and open to the public.  Spectral Sisters is often referred to as a 'family,' one that comes together from diverse backgrounds and donates its time and talent to creating live theater.  There are no paid officers, and actors, directors, and producers donate their efforts in a shared love of the Art.

Board of Directors

Spectral Sisters Productions is led by a volunteer board of directors. The Board Members are as follows:

Bob Savage, President

David Holcomber, Secretary

Casey Palombo, Treasurer

Halli Watson, Public Relations/Marketing Chair

Julie Beene-Police, Board Member

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Terrick Harrell, Board Member

Alana Pate, Board Member

Jeff Goelz, Board Member

John Wilson, Board Member

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