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One Act Minute Play Submissions

Guidelines and Important Dates

Please follow these rules:

1) Your play must fit our theater and its performance space (Stage is 24'*15', with black walls and floor, curtained        entrances are upstage right and left, while and entry door is located left of upstage center.

2) Online submissions are required, use the format upload it  below or email submissions to

3) Documents must be in MS Word or PDF format.

4 Because plays are judged blind, all identifying information must be removed.   Your name, character descriptions, and stage instructions should be placed on a separate sheet. 

5) Your play should be NEW, please do no send us anythings that has previously been produced.  

6) Your play must be under 30 minutes in length.  Remember something has to happen in those 30 minutes.

7) Your play must contain at least two character, but no more that five speaking roles.

8) Spectral Sisters has a pool of actors ranging from 18 to 80, make sure the characters can be played within that range.

9) No children's plays or musicals.

10) FINAL SUBMISSONS must be made no later than TBD.

11) There is a $20 submission fee for each entry.

12) The winning entries will be announced TDB.

13) All playwrights with a selected play must agree and sign our guidelines for production.

14) Only one entry will be accepted from each playwright. 

15) The plays which win are staged and will be videotaped.

Thank You for your interest in submitting a One Act Play.  At this time we are not accepting submissions.

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